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    Love of precision work

    Small or large quantities, everything is hand shaped and passed down from generation to generation.

    Personal involvement, knowledge sharing, active listening and empathy define our DNA. EMATEK is a human-size company with a family legacy.

    Our team is united by a common passion for crystal and glass. Highly symbolic materials, they are the mirror of the world: from magma the rock was born, turning then to sand by erosion. This sand comes back to life thanks to expert hands of our specialists and gives off a fascinating, elegant and timeless radiance.

    Reinventing crystal arts

    Experience and expertise for uncompromised creativity…

    Evolution and Experience. Relying on a century sharing and transmitting a unique know-how, we keep innovating to acquire new techniques and further master crystal arts. This would not be possible without fully engaged partners who motivate and raise us ever improving our solutions.

    Vincent Marlière - Managing Director at EMATEK
    Vincent Marlière Managing Director
    Sébastien Barbier - Director of Operations at EMATEK
    Sébastien Barbier Director of Operations
    Joëlle Chaufournier - Finance & Accounting Director at EMATEK
    Joëlle Chaufournier Finance & Accounting Director
    Bruno Berluti Sales & Marketing Director
    Keen to see a sneak peek of our products quality?
    Samples - Cabochons - EMATEK