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    Custom pearlised beads

    Expertise & passion

    Prestige requires excellence

    EMATEK has built its reputation for excellence for almost a century. Feedbacks from our most demanding clients, iconic luxury pillars, gave us a strong legitimacy in bespoke crystal manufacturing.

    From haute couture to table arts, from leather goods to jewellery or even designer furniture and lingerie, EMATEK keeps innovating to further improve and diversify its know-how and skillset.

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    Cristal sur mesure - EMATEK


    Bespoke crystal for unique creations

    Behind light and radiance hides the EMATEK treasure: a heritage passed down for over nine decades, which, along with innovations and progress, keeps shaping our DNA.

    Blowtorch enamelling, glass blending, bubble inclusion or precious metals insertion require dexterity, inspiration and precision. It is really fascinating to observe our craftmen taming glass and fire to mold unique pieces, which upon demand will turn spherical, tubular, conical, flat, cubic, organic or random.  As if my magic, beads come to life from the gifted hands of their creators.