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    Committing to highest standards

    EMATEK combines rigour and flexibility, the secular formula of a proven know-how, summarised in 6 essential key points :

    100% Handmade

    All our production is handmade in France using a secular know-how passed down from generation to generation.


    Our factory set-up and production tools offer a great adaptability, be it about quantities or used processes. Every creation will be unique.


    Our production capacity and flexible organisation make us extremely reactive, which is a real asset as we mostly work under tightest deadlines of fashion industry and collections.


    Every single shape leaving our workshops is going under rigorous scrutiny.  Our quality control is aligned on industry most demanding series of tests, targeting total absence of defects and great durability.


    Our business approach is thorough and self-demanding, aiming at long-term customer satisfaction. Through collaborative engagement, we forge solid partnerships.


    Concerned by nowadays ecological issues, we remain mindful about our manufacturing process impact and we endeavour to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Cristal sur mesure - EMATEK

    Keen to see a sneak peek of our products quality?

    Whatever purpose or targeted volume, EMATEK skillset and scope of solutions will give free rein to your creativity. Discover our main manufacturing processes that can be adapted to your needs.

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