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    Our glass is enamelled through two different processes :
    Lampworking (also called glass spinning) and glass pressing.

    Lampworking and spinning a glass pearl with a blowtorch

    Lampworking or spinning

    Enamelling – Bespoke crystal

    By skillfully mixing materials, we obtain unique pieces resembling natural crystals (onyx, tiger’s eye, rock crystal, lapis…).

    According to our inspiration and your wishes, we can add marbled or twirling effects, spangles (gold leaf or silver), bubbles and much more. Total freedom and high control over the forms for a classic, modern or baroque rendering and a 100% personalised serial production.

    Sneak peek of lampworking

    Discover a few pictures of enamelling by lampworking.

    Keen to see a sneak peek of our products quality?
    Samples - Cabochons - EMATEK