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    Bespoke lacquering - EMATEK

    Bespoke lacquering

    Shining with all colours of the rainbow

    Our lacquering expertise makes it possible to match and duplicate colours from a sample, a fabric or even a theme.

    Our custom lacquering transforms pearls, cabochons, cut crystal gems or other glass creations fashioned in our workshops. We can also lacquer pieces supplied by our customers.

    EMATEK guarantees innovative bespoke lacquers with extraordinary renderings (transparent, opaque, iridescent, spangled, fluorescent…)

    In any case, EMATEK adapts its processes in order to obtain results matching given specifications. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us and submit your bespoke projects.

    Keen to see a sneak peek of our products quality?
    Samples - Cabochons - EMATEK