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    Kilns Crystal - EMATEK

    Our kilns

    Crystal was born from sand…

    By melting selected sand blends in our high temperature kilns, we cast our own in-house coloured (or transparent) glass and crystal. This way , we can meet precise expectations of most demanding customers. We use these kilns for several manufacturing processes :

    – Casting glass and crystal rods for lampworking
    – Pressing large series of gems and cabochons
    – Injection of complex 3D shapes in bespoke stainless steel moulds
    – Hot drilling

    With our automated systems and kilns, we can achieve very large serial production with a very high precision and homogeneity.



    EMATEK high temperature kilns

    Sneak peek of our kilns

    Keen to see a sneak peek of our products quality?
    Samples - Cabochons - EMATEK