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    Bespoke Pearlising

    Custom pearlised beads

    Custom pearlised beads

    Like real mother-of-pearl

    Custom pearlising achieves the perfect appearance of the real cultured pearl.

    This extremely durable surface treatment is applied in several thin layers on a glass, crystal, resin, metallic substrate or any other coverable material.

    EMATEK mother-of-pearl is applied by either “soaking” or “spray gun” method. The chosen process depends on quality criteria, desired rendering and expected quantities.

    Our modern laboratory combined with a secular experience in pearlising allow today EMATEK to offer all creators 100% bespoke solutions : shape, style, tints and shades for all colours (we offer more than 200 mother-of-pearl references on our standard colour chart).



    Sneak peek of bespoke pearlising

    Discover the different steps of a like-real mother-of-pearl

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